Our History

This site started with my personal love of the game of basketball. Having coached in high school and college, my passion for this game has only increased over time. What started out 5 years ago in Las Vegas as a simple basketball blog, has now turned into a Web Site.

About Tom Perkins

Throughout the last thirty years, Tom Perkins has worked as an independent scout for many NBA, NCAA, & European League teams. During this time his scouting service, Basketball Analysis, has done evaluations on players and teams. Among the many players Tom has evaluated are Kobe Bryant, Grant Hill, Shaquille O'Neal and Michael Jordan. Most recently Tom wrote an article on a young player from Slovenia in 2016 who was 16 ½ years old. Tom said that he would be the BEST player in the draft when he is eligible for the draft in 2018. Fortunately Tom was correct and Luka Doncic was clearly the Best of his class and has gone on to win Rookie of the year and played on several All-Star teams. To date, Luka is his top find and my article in 2016 generally gives me credit for discovering him at such an early age. Early in his career he learned from the best having scouted for Bill Bertka and his Bertka Views Scouting Service.

From 1999 to 2003 Tom's primary company Pro Sports Enterprises has been instrumental in developing an interactive website, ACSPORTS.COM. He has been responsible for bringing major sports personalities and teams to the site as either an endorser or as part of a video game through his licensing with game developers and publishers. In 2002, Tom negotiated with AGASSI ENTERPRISES and Andre Agassi in developing an interactive video game.

From 1980 to 1992, Tom owned and operated a fitness training company. Starting with just one facility in one state, Tom expanded this business to seven facilities in two states. After eleven successful years, Tom sold his company in the early 90's. Prior to the NBA, Tom coached college basketball for University of South Carolina-Aiken, Augusta State University, and Western Wyoming College. He received his BA in Exercise Physiology at the University of South Carolina, and achieved his Master's Degree in Psychology at Augusta State University.

Tom provides connections to major sports leagues, teams, agents, athletes and other organizations. Tom has an unparalleled ability to establish relationships with potential business partners, particularly those in the sports world.


Thank you for joining us, the most comprehensive and informative basketball web site on the internet.

Briefly, since working as an independent NBA scout I have numerous contacts that have encouraged me to write a Blog. That is how Hoop City got started. Now many readers of my Blog suggested I create a Web Site. So here we are 5 years later. I envision this site to be informative regarding all kinds of Basketball Information, in addition to being educational.

There are many amazing fans out there which is very important to the game of Basketball. Wouldn't it be unique that there is a basketball site that would, not only inform, but educate readers to being not just "fans", but Basketball Experts. The people that were coming to my blog are quite astute in their knowledge of Basketball. They know what they are talking about. Keep in mind, players, general managers, coaches and scouts will visit this site routinely. So the only thing I ask from everyone is make sure you have done your homework and be respectful of other members that come to this site before posting anything. Those that don't, will stick out and will be severely challenged. Don't be that guy who.."Thinks He Knows" !!! To ask questions is always a good idea.

As we move forward we will be adding new and exciting things to absorb and participate in. Our coaches corner will have very in depth and technical articles about basketball. I also, look forward to adding a pre-game and post game chat room during certain nationally televised games. Further out we also want to add a Foundation Page which will support a particular charitiy.

Here is the link. hoopcitynews.com I hope you enjoy it and learn more about Basketball than you ever knew existed.

Best regards,

Tom Perkins

Creater & President
Hoop City