Hoop City News Trainers of the Year

Anna Vartam

Certification Nash ( osteoporosis & pregnant clients).

Anna is very effective in training young and old clients.
Reshaping post surgical clients is one of her specialties.
She has a Black Belt in Judo and a purple belt in Jujitsu.
14721 Keswick Ave. Van Nuys, CA.

Drew Swadling

Certification ACE.

Drew has developed in what he is calling “Body Morphing” = Morph into the Best version of yourself possible.
Since Drew has been an athlete most of his life, he is especially effective in working with athletes!



Security at Sherman Oaks

Kiley has been playing basketball all his life and plays at a higher level than most pick up players. He is a dedicated family man and a leader in the Community. His son Jaylen, also plays professional basketball in Canada.


Art & Lighting Director

Nesta is the Art & Lighting Director for Ras Visuals & Lighting. Nesta also has played basketball all his life and can be seen all around the valley playing in various pick up games. Nesta likes to inspire people and is also a leader in the Community.

Both of these players usually get picked in the first two picks in any pick up game, and stay on the court because they just KEEP WINNING!!!

(10 & Under Division)

Ethan Datz

Ethan is HoopCityNews Jr. Baller of the Year. He is the son of Glenn and Aimi Datz and plays in the Calabasas Basketball League sponsored by the L.A. Clippers. Ethan is the top ranked player in the league. His team the Lakers, finished 8-1 in the Summer League. He led his team with 28 points per game. In fact, his average was higher than any team in the league. That’s right, Ethan actually averaged more than any team in that Summer League. He currently averages 30 points per game for the Matadors and has a high point game of 42. To top it off, this young man is only 9 years old ! When you watch any game that Ethan plays you can always pick him out because he is the fastest kid on the court. What a great future Ethan has. Congratulations our HoopCityNews Junior Baller of the Year!

(Teen Division)

AC Swadling

AC Swadling is a 5'6", 110 lb. point guard in the 8th grad at Faith Baptist Schools. He currently plays for his school junior high team and for G1 Elite of the Amateur Athletic Union. AC averaged 15 points and 5 assists per game during his 2018 AAU campaign. Season highlights include games of 7 made threes in a game and a winning buzzer beater shot in the Final Four of the 2018 Adidas Jr. NBA winter Classic. Having only played organized basketball for 3 years, AC’s learning curve has been among the states best. A three point specialist and a shifty playmaker at the point makes AC a deadly threat on offense, while on the other side of the ball he is a old school, lockdown defender. He is a hard working, honor roll student in school and very coachable on the court. Next year he will play at the varsity level as a high school freshman. Sky’s the limit with his potential as he continues to grow and develop his all around game. AC is the son of Drew Swadling who also happens to be Trainer of the Year.


HoopCityNews Broadcaster/Media Person of the Year.


Luis is a multi-talented Broadcaster/Media personality that can cover all sports. Luis is an Emmy Award Winning individual who has his own Blog Talk Show found on Luis' Sports House. Whatever sport Luis covers, he can speak about it with incredible knowledge and understanding of that sport. And if that wasn’t enough, Luis is also the Studio Tech for Spectrum Sports covering the Lakers, Dodgers, Galaxy, and Sparks in their broadcasts. Luis is a family man with his wife Melissa and daughter Abbey. Of course, not to forget his dog Honey. With all that he does, Luis is truly deserving of this award!