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Warriors-vs-Cavaliers HoopCityNews Finals Preview


-Tom Perkins

Here we are again. The NBA FINALS. Both teams obviously deserve to be here. Although it seems that the Cavs might have had a tougher time getting here, it was actually the Warriors that had a harder time. Especially disposing of the Houston Rockets. Both teams have superstars and an all-star side kick. Lebron & Kyrie Irving for the Cavs and Curry & Klay Thompson for the Warriors. The major problem that Cleveland has is they are actually “limping” into the finals. Without Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving not being at 100% puts Cleveland at a slight disadvantage. I say slight, because Lebron James is playing the best basketball of his career.

The Golden State Warriors however, are seemingly firing on all cylinders. Sure everyone knows about the “Splash Bros.” Curry & Thompson”. However, their role players are playing off the hook. Their starting center Andrew Bogut, small forward Harrison Barnes, backup center Ezeli Festus are all contributing major minutes with super results. But Draymond Green is something else. He seems to get all the key rebounds, and, at he right time and can take people off the dribble or hit the mid range shot. Remember, they also have one time all-star David Lee who comes off the bench for low minutes.

Even though this finals will surely high light the greatness of Lebron James. the Warriors simply have too much of a bench and better role players for the Cavs to pull off the upset.

Golden State Warriors rejoice….The Warriors in 6.